Adopting a Wisconsin child isn’t guaranteed

While no one expects a mom or dad to be perfect, states including Wisconsin do have guidelines in place that a prospective adoptive parent must meet in order to qualify to welcome a child into their home.

For starters, single, divorced and married individuals of all races are entitled to adopt in Wisconsin. It’s not necessary for them to have experience in having previously raised their own children either. This means that the first-time parents are eligible to adopt provided that they meet all the other requirements to do so established by the state.

An individual looking to adopt must be at least 21-years-old and have both adequate space and financial resources to care for a child. It’s important to keep in mind that a prospective parent doesn’t have to necessarily own their own home though. Adoptions can be approved in Wisconsin even if the adoptive mom or dad rents the house that they live in.

Before an Oshkosh caseworker places a child with you, they’ll want to feel confident in knowing that you’ll provide the child with a loving and safe environment to grow and thrive within. It’s because of this that they’ll have you complete a criminal background check, and mental and physical health evaluation and an adoption training class successfully before any placement is made.

No matter whether an adoption is public or private, no one is guaranteed a right to adopt. Whether you’ll be able to do so is contingent upon meeting the criteria set by Wisconsin lawmakers. If you want to give yourself the best chance of your adoption request being approved, then a family law attorney who provides compassionate, quality representation in such matters is who you’ll want advocating for you.