Are You Ready to Stop Running in Place?

“We just need one good quarter, and we’ll be able to get caught up and turn things around.”

“I just need one month without an unforeseen expense, and I’ll be able to get caught up on that bill.”

No one wants to file for bankruptcy. No one wants to be struggling with debt in the first place. However, if you or your business is facing financial issues, it is crucial to understand when to stop running in place and take action to refresh your financial picture.

Is Your Credit Already Damaged?

One of the reasons most often cited by individuals and businesses for delaying bankruptcy is fear of damaging their credit. The truth is your credit is likely already suffering damage from missed payments. Going through the bankruptcy process will usually result in a short-term hit to credit, followed by an opportunity to rebuild your credit quickly.

How Much Time Are You Spending Worrying About Debt?

Debt issues are more than what you can see on the balance sheet. The harassing phone calls, letters, and other indignities of being in debt are likely wearing on you. Filing for bankruptcy results in an automatic stay that bars creditors from contacting you, garnishing your wages, or repossessing your assets.

Don’t let fears or misinformation surrounding the bankruptcy process stop you from getting the fresh start you deserve. You can rely on our experienced attorneys to answer your questions, prepare you for the process, and guide you to an outcome that works for you or your business.