Avoid social media when going through a divorce

Going through a divorce is a tough time in life. You’ve come to the realization that the marriage is no longer viable. Even though you’ve fought tooth and nail to save the marriage, there comes a time where you just need to admit that there’s nothing else that can be done. If you file for divorce, or your spouse files for divorce, you need to refrain from social media use for a variety of reasons.

Using social media while going through a divorce can be detrimental for your case, especially if you use it to constantly bash your spouse. This will only backfire as anyone can find your post and share it with your spouse or their attorney.

It’s also recommended that you avoid posting pictures of you having fun or with a new love while going through a divorce. Your soon-to-be ex might send these posts to their attorney in the hopes of getting more from you in the divorce.

If you want to continue to use social media while going through a divorce and have children, make sure you and your spouse come to an agreement about the posts you will share about your children. If one of you does not want pictures of the children on social media, it’s best to abide by this request.

Once the divorce is finalized, you can go back to using social media. However, it’s still not a good idea to bash your former spouse. Just remove them from your account and move on with your life.

Using social media while going through a divorce can be devastating for the outcome you want. Staying quiet and not playing the blame game will help move the process along at a quicker and fairer pace.