Going back to school as a co-parent

It’s that time of year again: back to school. Children all over Wisconsin are sad and disappointed that their summer has come to an end. Meanwhile, parents are anticipating the first day of school like it’s their birthday. If you are involved in a co-parent relationship, it’s important to handle the new school year appropriately in order to reduce your child’s stress as much as possible.

There must be an open line of communication with the other parent about school issues. This can be done via text, email or phone calls. Either way, it must be done. Problems with your child’s education will arise. They can be a failing grade, an incomplete project, detention, bullying and more. You must be able to talk to the other parent openly about anything that happens at your child’s school.

Be sure to plan your schedule accordingly so that you and the other parent both attend your child’s events. There’s no reason for one of you to skip an event because the other is present. These events are all about your child, not the two of you.

Try to meet with the teacher together, even though you are no longer a couple. Meeting together can show your child you are dedicated to their education. It also shows the teacher that even though you have differences, you can still be in the same room for the benefit of your child.

co-parenting relationship is not easy to navigate, but you must make every effort for the benefit of your child. With school starting, it’s time to put your differences aside and work cohesively with the other parent to help your child adjust to a new grade, a new teacher and maybe even a new school.