How parents can listen to their children after a divorce

Once a divorce in Wisconsin has been finalized, parents might think that the worst of the emotional strain is over. But this can change if their child suddenly announces that they want to live with their other parent. This can be challenging for the parent, but it’s important for them to consider their child’s feelings and act in their best interests. Here’s what parents should do if their child wants to change their living situation.

What if a child wants to live with their other parent?

When a child announces that they want to live with their other parent after a divorce, their custodial parent should encourage them to communicate their feelings instead of shutting them down. They should try to empathize with their child and remind themselves that they’re allowed to have a relationship with both parents.

Additionally, the custodial parent should inform their former spouse and include them in the conversation. They shouldn’t shut them out entirely unless they have reason to believe that their former spouse is an unfit parent. Additionally, they should never criticize their former spouse in front of the child. Instead, they should talk with a friend or family member about their concerns.

How can an attorney help a parent seeking divorce?

An attorney might help a parent filing for divorce by offering legal advice that can help them achieve the best possible outcome. They might also help the parent resolve issues of child custody and visitation rights. The attorney may help their client assess the situation and figure out if they should fight for full custody or settle for joint custody.

An attorney might be able to help their client prepare a case if they want to be the custodial parent. If not, they might be able to help the parent negotiate a fair child support amount.