How to talk to your child about a child custody arrangement

If you and the other parent of your children enter into a custody arrangement either on your own or with the help of the court, you will need to follow the arrangement to the letter. One of the most difficult areas of child custody that you need to discuss is the arrangement with your children, so they know where they will be living, going to school and who they will be spending their time with every couple of days.

Sit your children down with the other parent during a scheduled time so that you are not rushing through the discussion. Both parents should be present to tell the children what is going to happen moving forward.

During the discussion, be sure to answer all of your child’s questions and never dismiss anything they say. An open, honest conversation about child custody will make it easier for your child to understand and come to terms with their new life.

Explain to your child that there will be changes in how and where they live but that they will still have their friends. You should also make it known that they will still be loved by both parents just like they were before the family moved into separate households.

When your children want to know where they will live, try to create a schedule that goes month-to-month. This can help them prepare for the exchange of child custody since they know it is coming and won’t have to stress too much about it.

When the time comes to explain the child custody arrangement with your children, make sure you are open, honest and answer all of their questions. They deserve to know where they will be living and how they will need to split their time between parents.