Trustees in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The trustee plays a crucial role in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Trustees are appointed by the court to oversee the bankruptcy process. Their responsibilities are an integral part of a successful Chapter 7 bankruptcy and it is crucial to have a trusted and competent trustee in place.

At Steinhilber Swanson LLP, we can handle all issues surrounding Chapter 7 bankruptcy and trustees in Wisconsin. Our firm includes two chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees and we are also available to act as litigation counsel on behalf of trustees. 

Representing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees

Things do not always go according to plan in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and emotions can run high, leading to legal conflicts. We serve as litigation counsel for Chapter 7 trustees, helping them protect their legal interests as they fulfill their role in the bankruptcy process. We have a firm grasp of the issues facing trustees as well as where they fit in the Chapter 7 process. This perspective aids us in finding solutions that are legally and financially feasible for our clients.

Serving as Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees

Having a trustee who knows the bankruptcy process inside and out can make all the difference. We are equipped to handle all trustee responsibilities, including compiling financial information, approving bankruptcy exemptions, and ensuring the accuracy of financial records and legal documents. 

Partner With Our Experienced Attorneys and Trustees

We have the skills, resources, and experience to handle all issues related to Chapter 7 and trustees. Contact our firm to schedule a consultation with our Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyers by calling 866-381-4391. We have offices in Oshkosh, Madison and Milwaukee.

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