What You Need To File For Bankruptcy in Wisconsin

1. Names, correspondence addresses, the approximate date when debt incurred and for what, and the amount owed to all creditors.

2. Personal income tax returns for the past two years.

3. Most recent six months of paycheck stubs from all employers, as well as any unemployment income information and Social Security income.

4. Copies of real estate tax bills for any land or homes.

5. Copies of all recorded mortgages (copies may be obtained from the register of deeds in the county in which the property is located).

6. List of monthly household expenses.

7. List of assets, including all household goods with actual cash values (i.e., rummage sale prices) and appraisals of real property if available.

8. Copies of titles to all cars, trucks, boats and recreational vehicles.

9. Credit counseling certificate (our attorneys will help you with this).

Important Points To Know If You Are Considering Consolidating Your Debt

1. You may owe 1099-C income taxes on the entire amount of forgiven debt.

2. You may continue to accrue late fees, over-limit charges and any other penalties while you are in the consolidation program.

3. You may continue to get harassing phone calls at home, work, and neighbors’ and friends’ houses while you are in these programs.

4. You may get sued and possibly garnished by your creditors while you are in the programs.

5. The firms and agencies get their money from you upfront through your first few months of payments to them while they do nothing on your behalf with your creditors.

6. Generally, these agencies do not do anything that you cannot do yourself. If you wait long enough, you will be offered the same settlement that the firms and agencies will eventually get you.

7. The overwhelming majority of people who enter consolidation programs do not stick with the payments long enough to get a settlement.

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