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What is family law?

The term family law encompasses a wide array of legal issues from divorce, child custody, visitation and adoption to premarital agreements, guardianships, annulments and paternity.

The Wisconsin family law attorneys at Steinhilber Swanson LLP understand the emotional turmoil that goes hand in hand with their representation of you. We will help you along the rocky path and help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Our team of experienced family law attorneys proudly serve, Madison, Milwaukee, and Oshkosh Wisconsin (as well as the surrounding areas). Each member of our team understands the gravity and intimacy that family law cases can bear. With that in mind, know that in choosing to work with Steinhilber Swanson LLP for your personal litigation needs, each step of your case will be handled with extreme grace and compassion. Often times, the need for a family law attorney comes at some of the most stressful periods in life.

Rest assured that becoming a client of ours means joining our family, and having a team member by your side every step of the way.

You need good legal representation to guide you in these difficult and life-changing issues. Our family law attorneys in Oshkosh, Madison, and Milwaukee offer a broad scope of knowledge and experience in Wisconsin family law matters. If you have an impending legal issue in your family, call Steinhilber Swanson LLP for an appointment to explore your legal options.

Why do I need a family law attorney for Child Custody, Visitation And Support?

When determining the proper placement for your children, your attorney from Steinhilber Swanson will prepare you for what the court litigation process will look like. Though this task may seem daunting at the onset, know that our team is well equipped to manage the details, and work with all involved parties to reach a reasonable agreement, made with the best interest of the child at the top of mind. In determining child custody, visitation and child support, the court will take into consideration your job, the hours you work, and your long term ability to work with the other parent to make decisions and co-parent, as well as your child’s best interests and need for a safe and stable environment. 

The state of Wisconsin has laid out child specific and detailed support guidelines that courts use to set child support payment amounts are called the Percentage of Income Standard. This standard set by our state legislature considers the income of the parents, the amount of time the child spends with each parent and whether the parents are supporting other children.

A child custody lawyer may be a separate attorney from the person who represented you during a divorce, which is normal, and can be beneficial to ensure that all bases are properly covered. In a situation where custody, visitation or child support is being contested, the court may order a paternity test to determine or exclude a responsible party.

Premarital Agreements

Without question, the decision to divorce is a heavy one, that often brings baggage, and leaves many important decisions hanging in the balance. Seeking counsel during this tough time is an essential step in ensuring your protection and ease throughout the process of separating yourself from a previous partner.

This is why many couples choose to complete a premarital or prenuptial/prenup agreement, a document that typically addresses many of the issues that may arise in the divorce process, should it arrive. These agreements are crafted to resolve ahead of time many questions that are difficult to answer during the emotionally charged period of divorce.

Regardless of your status there, our team of attorneys will be happy to assist you along your personal journey towards securing your assets, protecting your finances, and determining the next steps to move forward with grace.


A guardianship may be necessary when an elderly person is no longer able to safely make his or her own decisions, or when a child needs a guardian either temporarily or permanently. Guardianships may be “of the person” (for decisions relating to the person’s well-being) or “of the estate” (for decisions relating to the person’s finances) or both.

In the case of determining whether or not an adult guardianship is truly necessary, a court will have to make the determination that a person is no longer competent to manage his or her own affairs. Once that decision has been made, the next step would be to then appoint a guardian for him or her. Often the person appointed will be an adult child of the person in need of guardianship. A medical examination and physician’s testimony are required to establish mental or physical incompetency.

Guardianship proceedings are initiated through a petition. Once guardianship is established, the appointee will be responsible for making medical and financial decisions for the ward. Guardians must make annual reports to the court.


A determination of paternity is used to establish custody and visitation rights as well as to set child support.

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