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Divorce is an inherently difficult circumstance. It is a business and legal transaction involving the separating of a single household into two separate entities. But emotions can color perspectives and make it difficult to resolve disputes and make decisions based on facts.

At Steinhilber Swanson LLP, our Wisconsin divorce attorneys have decades of experience counseling clients who are dealing with challenging or emotional circumstances. For high net worth individuals, a divorce and the accompanying property settlement can be as complex as a major corporate undertaking and should be addressed with a similar level of careful, meticulous planning to ensure that the final property division achieves their goals and meets their needs.

Divorce Is A Financial Transaction

A primary element of divorce is the separation of a single household into two. This makes the division of marital property critical. During a high-asset divorce, if one spouse handles the family finances, it may be difficult for the other spouse to be certain of the income and financial structure.

Our lawyers are experienced with the financial investigations necessary in divorce matters. This expertise means we can help spouses make sense of financial disclosures and discern elements of financial documents that may suggest missing or undisclosed income or assets.

Cost-Effective Divorce Solutions

Our family law attorneys understand that no client is well-served by drawn-out proceedings and/or excessive litigation. We work to obtain reasonable and equitable solutions for our clients, respecting their resources and pursuing settlements and compromises that best serve their long-term interests.

Of course, should circumstance dictate otherwise, we are skilled at trial litigation and engage in scrupulous planning in advance of any potential litigation

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