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With increasing regulations by government regarding land use and development, real estate and construction law has become a complex area, requiring expertise to navigate through the many issues that can arise.

Our Wisconsin real estate lawyers at Steinhilber Swanson LLP have extensive experience representing both public and private sector clients. We can help your project succeed whether you are beginning the initial planning stages involving land acquisition or involved in a dispute regarding some element of the completion.

Why should I hire a real estate lawyer in Wisconsin?

Every now and then you might need the help of an experienced real estate attorney in Wisconsin. Why? There are plenty of reasons why it’s important to hire a real estate attorney and all of them lead to protecting you should a lawsuit arise with the city, another property owner, a landlord or a tenant.

A real estate attorney can help with both commercial and homeowner real estate transactions in the state of Wisconsin.

One of the best reasons to hire an attorney experienced with real estate is when you decide to purchase a commercial property. Commercial real estate transactions are some of the most expensive in the state. Don’t let your interest in this purchase be at risk by entering into an agreement without the help of an attorney.

Another common reason to hire a real estate attorney is to help with the sale of your home. Even though it is not required in the state of Wisconsin, it’s still a smart idea to have an attorney by your side. An attorney will be able to decipher the agreement of sale and help you avoid any issues.

Have you been sued because of your status as a landlord? If so, this is quite possibly the most important time to hire an attorney. An experienced real estate attorney will be able to investigate the issue at hand, review the lawsuit and help fight it in court or negotiate a settlement. Hiring a real estate attorney in Oshkosh can help prevent a lot of legal troubles for you and your business or family. You need to protect your interests when owning property, operating as a landlord or even living as a tenant.

Land Use And Zoning Laws In Wisconsin

Government regulation of land is ancient, originating from English common law and decrees from monarchs. In England, land grants from the crown established the landholdings, rights and authority of the nobility for more than 1,000 years. Since that time, the regulation of land has grown ever more complex, with the introduction of zoning laws and regulations making an already involved area of law even more difficult to navigate through for the average person.

If you are planning to purchase a large swath of empty land, you should consider hiring a real estate lawyer to help negotiate the purchase. Our real estate lawyers will be able to explain the permits needed to build on the land and the zoning laws within Oshkosh.It is imperative that real estate development and transactions be viewed with a full understanding of their limits and constraints.

Cities and counties in Wisconsin have varying regulations on land use, and it can be challenging to work through this complex process. Our attorneys are skilled at all aspects of land use, zoning and real estate transactions, and we can assist at every stage of your project.


You found a perfect piece of property in Wisconsin where you can see yourself building what you always dreamed of: your flower shop at street level, your home above it.

You tell the real estate agent your plan, but she puts a quick end to it.

“You can’t build that here. This lot isn’t zoned for commercial or mixed-use properties. It’s strictly single-family residential.”

So what is exactly is zoning?

Zoning law and real estate zones certify how a piece of real estate can be used and developed, and zoning regulations are used in municipalities around the country. The regulations divide a city or town into commercial, residential or industrial zones, and then divide them even further to determine:

  • Types of buildings allowed
  • Where utility lines are put
  • Restrictions on building setbacks
  • Building size and height

Additionally, restrictions can specify everything from the number of dwelling uses to parking requirements. They also can specify if an area can have multi-family dwellings or if it is limited only to single-family residences. Zoning regulations also spell out rules for properties of historic significance.

Since zoning regulations restrict how owners can use their property, they often lead to controversy and disagreements and wind up in the courts. Zoning laws are made to ensure land use fits into an area’s comprehensive plan, but a zoning change can be granted by city or town councils. Typically, a property owner must apply for a zoning variance, then go through a public hearing.

You’ll want to work with a land use and zoning attorney should you want to request a change of zoning or have questions about the process. You would be wise to have the paperwork properly filed and representation at any public hearing.

Wisconsin Construction Law Attorneys

Even a minor construction project can become complex, as anyone who has experienced a home remodeling project can attest. When a construction project concerns a substantial commercial development involving millions of dollars, many investors, owners, a general contractor and numerous subcontractors, all with critical roles to play in a process that unfolds during many months or years, the potential for disputes and disagreements is high.

Our real estate lawyers understand this magnitude of complexity and can provide the experienced planning, due diligence and operational support these types of projects require. When disputes do occur, we can work to resolve them in a time- and cost-efficient manner, helping to prevent a minor disagreement or misunderstanding from spiraling out of control into litigation.

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