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With increasing regulations by government regarding land use and development, real estate and construction law has become a complex area, requiring expertise to navigate through the many issues that can arise. Our Wisconsin real estate lawyers at Steinhilber Swanson LLP have extensive experience representing both public and private sector clients. We can help your project succeed whether you are beginning the initial planning stages involving land acquisition or involved in a dispute regarding some element of the completion.

Land Use And Zoning

Government regulation of land is ancient. Land grants from the crown established the landholdings, rights and authority of the nobility for more than 1,000 years in England. Since that time, the regulation of land has grown ever more complex. It is imperative that real estate development and transactions be viewed with a full understanding of their limits and constraints. Cities and counties in Wisconsin have varying regulations on land use, and it can be challenging to work through this complex process. Our attorneys are skilled at all aspects of land use, zoning and real estate transactions, and we can assist at every stage of your project.

Wisconsin Construction Law Attorneys

Even a minor construction project can become complex, as anyone who has experienced a home remodeling project can attest. When a construction project concerns a substantial commercial development involving millions of dollars, many investors, owners, a general contractor and numerous subcontractors, all with critical roles to play in a process that unfolds during many months or years, the potential for disputes and disagreements is high.

Our real estate lawyers understand this magnitude of complexity and can provide the experienced planning, due diligence and operational support these types of projects require. When disputes do occur, we can work to resolve them in a time- and cost-efficient manner, helping to prevent a minor disagreement or misunderstanding from spiraling out of control into litigation.

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